• Usability friendliness
  • Saving 3+ hours a day on routine
  • Optimization of all company processes
  • Increase employee efficiency by 30%
  • Payment and task tracking
  • All level's information protection

Bringing order to the enterprise activity - quickly and not expensive!

Piligrim Application is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) mainly designed to help travel specialists manage their workflow.
Who Uses This Software? Piligrim meets all the needs of professionals from large companies and small businesses. By using Piligrim software you can streamline company’s operations using advanced tools that will result increasing your company's revenue.

Piligrim ERP is ideal solution for:

  1. Travel management companies
  2. Business travel agencies
  3. Leisure travel agencies
  4. Online travel agencies
  5. Single-site travel agencies
  6. Travel search companies
  7. Retail travel agencies
  8. Tour Operators

Piligrim allows you to monitor business 24/7, improve your customer service, streamline your administration and increase your revenue streams.

Piligrim is a powerful tour reservation application. Most reservation systems offer identical out of the box features and often do not match the needs of the enterprise. With Piligrim you get you get more functional features for the price you can afford. Our enterprise features give you the ability to manage all of your projects, bookings and customers in one place and it's hosted in the secured cloud with infinite storage.

Automation of business processes Tourism
Corporate projects

Fast and efficient distribution of tasks in a travel agency requires the full commitment of managers and supervisors. Each employee should keep a pencil thousands of lines of information and be able to use this information in time. We present you with a unique solution on the market - a program for travel agencies. Accounting for customer orders, notes on debt and special situations for a particular order - is the amount of data, which can not cope with a notebook or several spreadsheets manager computer.

Accuracy and control

Graphic analyst

Settlements with partners


Reminder system


Printing documents


Base partner


Travel packages drive in business but require a complex set of services: accommodation, transport, excursions, tours, and activities. Aggregating this information and managing it can be a challenge. As a tour operator, you need a robust, yet flexible platform that allows you to manage inventory and bookings while optimizing online sales. Create and update inventories, set pricings and distribute your travel services and packages in a unitary fashion, through Piligrim!

  1. Control of travel package sales
  2. Manage complex contracts
  3. Handle complex packaging, both static and dynamic
  4. Configure capacities, pricing and availability
  5. Define complex cancellation policies with multiple rules
  6. Automatically manage the reservations
  7. Distribute services in different markets, through different sales

Piligrim created for better way to manage inventory, create travel packages and distribute your local services. We created a solution that supports the entire workflow sequence of destination business in order to:

  1. manage different ground travel services and own contracts with local suppliers
  2. create specialized and customized products and services from your inventory
  3. sell to both tour operators and/or end customers
  4. support the entire workflow of your incoming business
  5. set up your business rules to distribute your travel services
Our inventory and distribution application successfully comprehends all the features needed by Destination Management Companies who require a way to manage availability, inventory, and prices.

If you are looking for content aggregation, increasing sales and margins, development of new distribution channels and streamlining operations – start making it better and faster with Piligrim. Working with various travel wholesalers from different geographical locations, we gained an extensive experience in the field, fact which allowed us to build a robust software solution, suitable for travel consolidators and distributors, from very large to small ones.
You can manage all your travel operations in a single software platform:

  1. Multiple suppliers management
  2. Travel services aggregation and consolidation (best price and best availability)
  3. Content mapping and deduplication
  4. Affiliates network management
  5. Payments (credit limit, autocancellations, credit card)
  6. Reservation management
  7. Delivery on multiple points of sale
  8. Reporting system

The impact of technology is felt on a routine – you know that travellers are more and more demanding, are informed and have various choices available. You need to best serve them, to enhance their experience but, at the same time, stay competitive and increase revenues. So, be efficient! Stop tolerating inefficient processes or using disconnected systems. Start using office solution that provide timely and reliable data about the various operations on a daily basis. Piligrim travel management system is designed to help your organization run more efficiently. Piligrim will help you:

  1. Optimize and automate business processes
  2. Increase visibility over your agency’s operations
  3. Ensure consistency of data throughout all back-office processes
  4. Control the overall activity inside the agency
  5. Save time on planning and data entry

Economic effect
simple, fast, convenient

Payback of business projects automation



  1. The number of employees up to 29 people
  2. The cost of the solution $2000;
  3. Savings $15 / day per person
  4. Economic benefit $500 per month
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  1. The number of employees up to 150 people;
  2. The cost of the solution $7500
  3. Factor saving $9 / day per person
  4. Economic benefit $1250 per month
  5. The cost of $1.5 p w/place in a day
  6. The estimated payback - 6 months
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  1. The number of employees 600 people
  2. The cost of the solution $25000
  3. The economic effect of $3000 per month
  4. The factor saving $5 / day per person
  5. The cost of $1.5 p w/place in a day
  6. The estimated payback in 8 months
  7. Indirect factors save $5000 in year
  8. Release resources - 12%;
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In todays' competitive and dynamic industry, automation of processes is a must. Many travel agencies experience delays and inefficiency caused by manual workflows. Many processes are often depend on human intervention - unfortunately, this translates into possible errors, are very time consuming and lead to high operations costs.

They often use ineffective systems – either standalone, disparate sets of disconnected systems – those becoming too costly to support or simply failing to produce reliable forecasts or demand plans. Are you facing these challenges in your day-to-day decisions?
Are you facing these challenges in your day-to-day decisions?

Simplify tasks through business process automation and workflow Link travel, financial, and operational information for better decisions and full business visibility Integrate with accounting software through a feature that enables you to export and import data from the software.
Find solutions for better customer experience
Starting with automated processing of bookings made in 3rd party systems, continuing with customer profiles, invoicing and settlements, as well as automated reports and alerts regarding your agency's performance, our travel solution can help you increase speed and productivity.
It provides a 360 degree view of a company and its different parts. By using Piligrim, you are able to cover:

  1. Full automation of workflows
  2. 3rd party Data import & export
  3. Custom reports built within the interface
  4. Quality Control

Be sure our customers get the support and professional advice of the highest quality!

It's time for the software package Piligrim take your business to the next level! For developing the travel agency is constantly expanding staff and customer base, it is important to pass the time collection process automation, storage and recording of operational information. And now, in the era of cloud services, we offer you the possibility with just one program for travel agencies to solve dozens of problems and to bring together disparate data!

Piligrim ERP is a very well designed software tool that is able to accommodate virtually any business model, to increase its efficiency and to remodel it in order to achieve the result you desire.

Subscription Plan
That Scales Exactly To Your Travel Business


$ 199/month

  1. • 10 users
  2. • 100 bookings per month
  3. • Suppliers & clients management
  4. • Inventory management
  5. • Centralized storage of reservations
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$ 399/month

  1. • Unlimited users
  2. • 500 bookings per month
  3. • Inventory management
  4. • Suppliers & clients management
  5. • Centralized storage of reservations
  6. • Invoices & payments
  7. • API for integration with your accounting and CRM
  8. • Partner API
  9. • Priority Support
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$ 899/month

  1. • Unlimited users
  2. • 1500 bookings per month
  3. • Work Scheduling to provide tours
  5. • Task Scheduler
  7. • The internal correspondence
  9. • A reminder of the events
  11. • Automatic generation of documents
  13. • Newsletter email notifications
  15. • The operational records of finance
  17. • Statistics and records of settlements with counterparties
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Resellers or distributors of new products We have an open door policy for distributors and resellers. We are ready to train employees and help the client to establish our business-solutions to third parties. If you are interested in opening a branch Piligrim in your country, please contact us.

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